The Dog Ate My Homework

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The Dog Ate My Homework



Many years ago I taught graduate and undergraduate courses in marketing and communication.  I was an adjunct faculty member and taught courses face-to-face and online in the evening.
My teaching career began shortly after I earned my Masters in Marketing and Communication and just before the birth of my first daughter.  I found teaching to be my missing piece.  What didn’t fulfill me during the day at my “regular” job was satisfied by my teaching.  It was a 360 learning experience that had reciprocal benefits.
One morning, while driving into work and to take my then eighteen month old daughter to daycare I heard some commotion in the back seat.  I was packed up for the day and my toddler and school bag were in the back seat.  I looked into the rearview mirror and she had pulled out my school papers.  They were flying all over the back of the car.
I couldn’t pull over to stop her nor could I risk diverting my attention from the road.  I waited until we pulled up at the daycare to assess the situation.  When I had the opportunity to examine the damage I found my daughter had eaten a significant portion of one of my student’s homework.

That evening in class I explained to my students one of them who completed their homework may not have received it back.  Earlier that day, not my dog, but rather my daughter ate their homework and they would earn an “A” due to circumstances I could never predict.

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