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It Makes My Penis Tingle



Every summer we look forward to an event at our local zoo combined with an amusement and waterpark.  It is an event for an organization raising money for children’s cancer research.  The non-profit organization, Hope Street Kids, hosts a fabulous fundraising event in July.
At this event, an entire family gains entrance into the zoo’s amusement park for about an hour prior to the dinner.  The family wears wristbands and when the park closes, guests of the event are escorted to the amphitheater to enjoy live music, delicious picnic food (catered by Bob Evans) and activities and mascot appearances for the kids.  All in all you are there about three hours.  Ticket prices for a family cost about $100.  And, family doesn’t mean just immediate family.  If your child wants to bring a friend, or you take a niece or nephew that is covered in the family cost.  This is an incredible deal considering you can see the zoo, ride the rides, participate in activities, listen to live music and enjoy a delicious dinner with a limited crowd of people. Not to mention the proceeds benefit a very respectable and worthwhile organization.
The first year we attended was simply magical.  We were captivated by the lack of people and access to the private zoo.  There were times in the night during our walk through the park that we passed not a soul.  My husband and I held hands and explored as the kids were in awe of the animals and again the exclusivity of being at such an event.  It is a magical, affordable event benefiting a noteworthy cause.
The first year we took our combined family they had a blast.  They were overwhelmed by the rides, food and activities.  But, the biggest thrill of all came when my oldest stepson rode the pirate ship ride.  The entire family boarded the ride, snapped in our seatbelts and took off for a back and forth journey from one end of the boat to the next.  As the ride continued the height and speed increased.  At one point he blurted out, “Oh my gosh, this ride is awesome, it makes my penis tingle.  I love this ride.”  Needless to say he rode that one a few more times before the evening was over.

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