Eating Poop Isn’t Smart

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Eating Poop Isn’t Smart



Our family likes to have dinner and go to the dollar theater a few times a year.  We are a fairly active, mostly outdoor family, so it isn’t often we go to the theater.  The dollar theater we frequent has a pet store adjacent to it.  This store is one of the few remaining that actually sells pets.

I’m not a proponent of these establishments; however, the kids love to go in and take out the dogs.  They entertain them in the “pet cubes,” as we bide our time until the movie starts.  We never have any intention of purchasing these dogs.  Therefore, we are likely the people these salespeople loathe.  I’m sure they get quite a few folks entertaining their children and biding time with no intention to purchase.

On one occasion the salesman was truly doing an outstanding job of attempting to sell a dog to our family.  However, if I did subscribe to the idea of buying a pet in a pet store, this would not have been the dog.  We are a large dog kind of family.  But, the man did a fine job of promoting the benefits of this breed.  His main selling point was the intelligence of this dog.  Apparently, it is one of the smartest breeds.

I attempted to stop this sale by interjecting we have a dog.  I didn’t want to get this fellow’s hopes up.  However, he seemed intrigued by our pet ownership and asked what kind of dog we own.  Just a note, we don’t own our dog, “Buddy,” he owns us.  I responded telling the man our dog is a Border Collie.

“A Border Collie” he exclaimed.  “My goodness, that is the smartest breed,” he stated.  This man was truly impressed with our canine selection skills.  He continued to rave about the Border Collie until my oldest daughter quickly interrupted him. “Really, the smartest dog,” she asked him.  “Yes, the Border Collie is the smartest dog,” he replied.  My daughter looked at him with disgust coupled by shock, and said with a straight face, “He isn’t the smartest dog.  He eats his own poop.”

At that point the sale ended.

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